See Also: MMPIS (Part I), MMPIS (Part II), and MMPIS (Part III).

During December’s “Space Improvement Workshop” at Milwaukee Makerspace I somehow convinced Chris to run a network drop for the permanent home for the MMPIS. This was after he convinced me to move the MMPIS to the permanent location. We both somehow convinced Tom to make a wall mount for the MMPIS. So yeah, the MMPIS is now permanently mounted in a location where you’ll see it when coming into the space. It’s right below the (small) LED sign, which is right below the big “TARDIS” letters.

It’s all pretty awesome. Check out the photo above! And yeah, we should probably drill a hole in the wall for those cables.

I also added one more screen. It’s a Mad Libs style thing which says “Hey, we should totally build a ________-powered ________ for the space!” with the blanks filled in with weird things from two different lists. Also, the challenge accepted guy is there to accept the challenge.

Here’s a few examples:

We should build...

We should build...

We should totally...

Let's build a...

Totally build we should...

There’s also a wiki page for the MMPIS.

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