BarCampMilwaukee JerryCam

Here’s my first video: BarCampMilwaukee: Time Lapse. Actually it was a collaboration with Jerry, who set up a webcam while he was there…


Thanks Jerry! Hope the drive back to Iowa wasn’t too rough…


BarCamp Public Address System

One of the issues we had at BarCampMilwaukee is that we did not have an easy way to immediately notify people of things.

This problem may be unique to the space we were in (Bucketworks) which was large (huge actually) and had no intercom or PA system, at least none that we knew of.

FRS Radios Things like letting everyone know when sessions were starting or when lunch arrived, or even just trying to find someone in Bucketworks, would have been easier with an intercom system. We could have done something as simple as put an FRS radio in each session room to alert people as to what was going on. (Sadly, I had three radios with me, but didn’t think of it at the time.) I know at least a few times I had to stop sessions from running over their time (only because the space was needed by others) or had to let people know that the session would need to end in 2 minutes.

I’m really not trying to be a control freak. I think if Bucketworks had an intercom or PA system, it would have made a few things easier, that’s all. Just an idea for future BarCamps…

(Mike and I discussed this a bit yesterday, he mentions it as well.)


BarCampMilwaukee: Success!

Well, we did it… we pulled it off… BarCampMilwaukee was a huge success! I’d like to personally thank every person who was involved in making it happen.

How do I define huge success? We only had a few minor injuries, everyone there seemed to be having a good time, people learned new things, they shared their passions, and made new friends. All good…

As I get some time between doing follow-up stuff, and editing video, I’ll try to write up some more detailed posts about the different sessions and topics I was involved with. Hopefully others will do the same.

I already thanked most of the sponsors (see BarCampMilwaukee Part IX) but should add a thanks to 800 CEO Read for providing breakfast on Sunday, and O’Reilly for sending us some books for the participants and the Bucketworks library…

We’ve come a long way since the first post about BarCampMilwaukee on July 5th, 2006.

We should also extend a special thanks to Jeramey Jannene who was involved in the planning from early on but had to miss BarCampMilwaukee due to a family emergency… We missed you Jeramey!

(I would have had this post up sooner, but Mike called me to ask me why I didn’t write a post yet… Here it is Mike!)


BarCampMilwaukee so far…

I’m at BarCampMilwaukee, and I’m tired…

There has been a ton of great sessions so far, and we’re still going strong. So far I’ve talked about gadgets, and Drupal, and RSS, and logos, and saw a crazy robot, and rode on a remote controlled robot go cart, and saw a tiny helicopter, and rode an electric bike, and ate some pizza and whoooo!

Did I mention I’m tired? Still, we’re doing the Mini-Mash Pit right now, and if something cool comes out of it, we’ll let you know…

(Here’s the folks sitting in right now: Victor Nwankwo, Blake Hall, Kevin Ciesielaski, Christian Wilcox, Scott Reynen, Mike McCallister and Justin Lowry…)


BarCampMilwaukee Part IX

BarCampMilwaukee is in 3 days… No, really… That’s what Upcoming tells me. It also says there is a Pre-BarCampMilwaukee Dinner, and that during BarCampMilwaukee there will be a Mini-Mash Pit (which may consist of only me at this point!)

Since we last reviewed things we’ve gone up to almost 90 campers and gotten a lot more sponsorship. Right now we’ve got commitments from: C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions,, Digital Bootcamp, Inc., CA, MakaluMedia Group, MIT Club of Wisconsin, Microsoft, Z2 Marketing + Design, Rochambo Coffee & Tea House, and Time Warner Cable. These are the organizations who will help make BarCampMilwaukee rock!

There are also a ton of session ideas some which you might expect (Drupal, Microformats, Ruby on Rails) and some which sound just crazy (Remote Controlled Go Carts; if you’re not in control, you’re out of control, Democracy in Ancient Athens: Organization and Technology, Thermonuclear Fusion; a possible reactor design). Hmmm, I guess all the crazy ones have long titles.