No, it’s not Pete I, it’s and it’s a web site that Gabe registered just for me, and it’ll show media created at the crazy party the wife threw for me at Bucketworks (back before it flooded… the second time.)

Here is a video of my old pal Milt talking about how he got to know me…


And hey, there’s also this cool “Sketchnote” card from world-famous Sketchnoter Mike Rohde, how cool is that!?

Sketchnote Card

Anyway, I’ll try not to write too many more posts about the fact that I am totally ancient now. I mean, Dave Winer is way older than I am!


Thanks for all the burritos…

Wow Howza! It’s a crazy-time! Somehow my wife (aka “The Doctor”) secretly gathered up my friends and family and tricked me into going to Bucketworks (even though I was already there just an hour earlier) and confused me by standing around near a big statement of fact declaring it to be my birthday…

pete got surprised

Yes, despite my own best efforts to completely ruin everything (unknowingly) things all worked out. Don’t worry folks, I had no idea… I mean, James came close to blowing things once or twice, but still, I had no idea. The award goes to The Doctor for the amazing acting she did throughout the whole thing.

And a big Thank You goes out to all of my friends and family that were there, making it the Best Birthday Ever, which is quite a change from last year’s Worst Birthday Ever.

The Guy In Profile

I’ve been told that media from the event may start showing up at