DRM (Done Ripping Music)

I spent much of my time since Xmas attempting to explain how iTunes, iPod, DRM, and freedom all work. Together and against each other…

I used Senuti and CopyPod to move files from different iPods into different iTunes libraries. I did my best to explain DRM and “Protected AAC” files to family members, and I didn’t even get into the doomspeak of “if something goes wrong, you can lose all your music!” I kept it pretty high-level, and just talked about how to manage multiple iPods on multiple computers with one iTunes Music Store account.

I did find it a little sad that things are still more complex than they need to be. I still have vinyl records and cassettes that are over 25 years old which I can play on any compatible device. Now that’s my definition of “Plays For Sure!”

I also bought a bunch of blank CD‘s which will be used to strip the DRM, I mean, make backups, of any songs I’ve gotten from the iTunes Music Store. It’s always good to have a backup.


iPod Recycling Program

As you may know, I’ve mentioned Apple’s various iPods on this site for years… All those words about a product I’ve never even owned, let alone used for more than a few minutes in an Apple Store.

Now that there is another new iPod (Hello nano!) it’s time for all the geeks and nerds with a few hundred bucks burning a hole through their wallet to do the upgrade dance to the newest version of the iPod.

Go on, you know you want to… And by all means you should! Get yourself that new nano, you deserve it!

But… don’t just throw that old iPod in a drawer somewhere, donate it to RasterWeb! – Our “iPod Recycling Program” is in full effect, and we’re accepting any and all old iPods, just get in touch with us for the details.

We thank you for your contributions…


iPod eVerywhere?

I know, you punks online all day with your blogs and chat rooms and www’s think the iPod is all the cat’s pajamas and the bee’s knees, right? Well, it ain’t…

See, yesterday I was talking with a Youth, my nephew in this case, who is somewhere between the age of 0 and 18 years old, and he did not know what the iPod is. This is a kid who has been using a PS2 and Gameboy for like 1/2 his life, and uses computers, and rocks out to music, and he said he wanted an MP3 player for Xmas.

So I sez, “Ah, you want an iPod, eh?” and he’s all puzzled, trying to figure out what I’m taking about. So I ramble on for 5 minutes about usability, and bring up the Rio, the iRiver players, and other such stuff, and he’s not quite there. I tell him that in the “ease of use” and “user experience” categories, the iPod appears to be the clear winner. Sure, I even mention that if you do want features like voice recording, and FM radio, the iPod don’t do it without add ons while some of the other players do.

I tell him that he can put his home directory on it and carry it everywhere, a safe backup right? (His mom thinks I’m nuts, but I point out that a kid has important files too!) I said you could get a crappy player that’s a pain in the “ease of use” and “user experience” categories for around $100, or for around $250 you could get one that holds 10 to 20 times more stuff, and is a portable Firewire hard drive, and was the clear winner in the “ease of use” and “user experience” categories.

The verdict is out. Expect an updated on December 26th.


The New Flash(y) iPod

In Paging Jennifer Beals Mr. Gruber says that an iPod without a display is just silly. (I’m paraphrasing here…) What he doesn’t know is the new iPod will be using a display that utilizies Spin technology.

That’s right, the new iPod will display information by being rapidly spun in the air by the earbud wires. I know it sounds ridiculous, because it is. Wait. that’s just the leaked story, the real story is that it will project the display onto a flat surface just like that atomic projection clock at your Mom’s house, where you can lie in bed at stare at the time slowly changing while being displayed on the ceiling. Wait. that’s just the leaked story, the real story is that there will not be a Firewire port, USB 1 or 2 port, or even some special new dock. The new iPod actually comes tuned to your brainwave patterns and will be controlled (only by the owner) using thoughts and brainwaves. It will respond to your mood, and what you are thinking. (“Hmmm, I’d like to listen to The Clash” or “That Dawn and Drew Show is funny!”) The fact that it can only be controlled by the owner’s brain will also lower the risk of theft. Oh, also, it won’t actually have a hard drive or flash memory, it will just use the audio stored inside of your brain, talk about DRM‘d music!

Now folks, I must have made hundreds… ok, dozens… well, at least a few posts on Apple’s iPod audio player, and even though I do not own one (yet) don’t you think I’m probably right this time?