The end of what?

According to Russell Beattie, it’s the end of Mowser.

I’d never even heard of Mowser. Granted, I’ve not been that deeply involved in the mobile web as I used to be, or as much as Russell has been, but years ago I followed Russell fairly closely. I think around 2003 or so he started reading my blog, and I then started reading his, and I took an interest in what he was doing. In my eyes he was the expert on the mobile web.

But as he says, today, the mobile web is (to many people) an iPhone, and I think that’s ok, and I think iPhone users who have tried to use the mobile web previously would agree with that. I know people who would have never used or even attempted to use something call “the mobile web” but the fact that they now have an iPhone and it has “the internet on it” is all it takes…

I tend to not think of myself as an Apple fan-boy, I do believe they got the mobile internet experience right on the iPhone. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get one and see if that changes my opinion.