Slow S X

We went to the Apple Store last weekend. It was actually Emma’s idea. (I’m a proud dad!) So while the girls played Barbie games on the eMacs (under OS 9 interestingly enough) I checked out all the hardware. Damn technolust!

That iPod. Wow. 20 Gigs. Tiny. And it plays music. Out of my price range.

12″ PowerBook. Nice. Very nice. Tiny. Out of my price range.

17″ PowerBook… oh, not out yet… Pretty sure it’s out of my price range.

So I was using a nice shiny new PowerMac G4 and I tooled around iPhoto a bit, and got the spinning beachball, or lollypop, or whatever it is in Jaguar. I thought, “Well, no surprise, I get that a lot on my G3/250mhz Wallstreet, and my G4/400mhz at work, and even my G4/733mhz at home.” So I looked at the little sign, and realize I’m using a PowerMac G4 with dual 1 Gig processors.. and 1 Gig of RAM.

But I’m not worried, any day now Apple will come out with faster hardware, with more processors, and more RAM slots, and someday my friends, the spinning beachball, or lollypop, or whatever it is in the current version of the Mac OS, will be a distant memory…

Of this I am sure. Maybe.


The Crazy Ones…

Does anyone besides me remember when computer nerds and jocks were two different groups? Hmmm…

Anyway, for Maddy’s birthday we went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, which is a place that little girls like. She made a bunny and got some clothes for it to wear, because, you know, you can’t have a naked bunny now, can you?

After the bunny-making we stopped by Libby Lu which is another store that little girls like. It’s a very girly store. The employees (all girls) wear fairy wings and dance and sing when it’s someone’s birthday. This is the first time I’ve had to wait for an employee to finish dancing to make a purchase.

That was all a whole lot of fun, but we then headed over to the store that kids love the best, yes, the Apple Store! While I asked one of the geniuses about external CD burners (for my brother-in-law), and possible firmware updates for my Wallstreet, the kids enjoyed the games in the kids area, just as I knew they would. This was actually the hardest store to get the kids to leave. It makes me proud… I promised to bring them back another day.

Oh, when I was talking to the genius, he told me he had a Wallstreet, until someone puked on it. He was in college at the time, and there was this high-school kid staying with him, and… well, you know…

The guy waiting next to me at the Genius Bar said I got a Titanium PowerBook about 4 months ago… I’m a switcher… which I found amusing. Does Apple make “I’m a Switcher” shirts, it could be a popular item?

Damn Superbowl messed up the whole ABC schedule, putting Alias on later than usual, thanks for nothing you dang football watchers…

I did see an Apple commercial with that little short guy, and the really tall guy, and I believe it was narrated by Jeff Goldblum. Ah, now that’s what I like to see. Apple is still saying, “Hey, our products are for freaks! Look at these freaks! They choose Apple!” And yes, that includes Jeff Goldblum. He’s a freak as well. And I’m not using freak in a derogatory way, but you football-lovin’ superbowl-watchin’ people just wouldn’t understand…

Peace! I’m outta here!


Other Apple Stuff

In other Apple news, I’m excited about the release of the new Airport Extreme, mainly because it means that I might be able to get a used older Airport by some Apple-nut who always has to get the latest and greatest… And by my calculations I should be able to afford to purchase a used, original Titanium PowerBook in another three years or so…


pbox update

Well, it looks like Jaguar (aka Mac OS X 10.2) on the PowerBook won’t happen. I tried to install last week, and got the dimmed screen effect. So actually I might be able to install it, I just won’t be able to see anything. I’ve searched and searched and it seems that Wallstreet users can either get it to work, or not get it to work, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the ones it doesn’t work on. On the upside, looks like I’ll be getting a working battery soon, so even though I can’t currently put it to sleep, it shouldn’t think it’s the 1970’s every now and then.

So it looks like we’re stuck at Mac OS X 10.1.5, which isn’t so bad, considering what I paid for it. Sure, we’d like features like S-Video out to work, but we can’t afford to be picky right now…