RPM Challenge

Matt Gauger has posted photos of his guitar gear before, so when I commented on one of his photos, he mentioned the RPM Challenge, which is to record an album in one month. I’m in…

RPM Challenge I’ve been recording songs and publishing them online for about a year now, and there’s even a category for them called audio (and yes, you can subscribe to it.) All in all I’ve been playing and recording for over 20 years, but there have been gaps in that where I went many years without recording anything at all. This will be a nice “forced creativity” project for me.

I still need to install iLife ’08 for the latest GarageBand, but I’ll also be using Logic Pro 8 and the recording studio at Z2.

Since my songs tend to be less than 2 minutes, I will estimate that I need to record about 20 songs during February. I plan to collaborate a bit with the kids, and… well, whoever else happens to be around when I’m recording. It should be interesting… :)