Does anyone besides me remember when computer nerds and jocks were two different groups? Hmmm…

Anyway, for Maddy’s birthday we went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, which is a place that little girls like. She made a bunny and got some clothes for it to wear, because, you know, you can’t have a naked bunny now, can you?

After the bunny-making we stopped by Libby Lu which is another store that little girls like. It’s a very girly store. The employees (all girls) wear fairy wings and dance and sing when it’s someone’s birthday. This is the first time I’ve had to wait for an employee to finish dancing to make a purchase.

That was all a whole lot of fun, but we then headed over to the store that kids love the best, yes, the Apple Store! While I asked one of the geniuses about external CD burners (for my brother-in-law), and possible firmware updates for my Wallstreet, the kids enjoyed the games in the kids area, just as I knew they would. This was actually the hardest store to get the kids to leave. It makes me proud… I promised to bring them back another day.

Oh, when I was talking to the genius, he told me he had a Wallstreet, until someone puked on it. He was in college at the time, and there was this high-school kid staying with him, and… well, you know…

The guy waiting next to me at the Genius Bar said I got a Titanium PowerBook about 4 months ago… I’m a switcher… which I found amusing. Does Apple make “I’m a Switcher” shirts, it could be a popular item?

Damn Superbowl messed up the whole ABC schedule, putting Alias on later than usual, thanks for nothing you dang football watchers…

I did see an Apple commercial with that little short guy, and the really tall guy, and I believe it was narrated by Jeff Goldblum. Ah, now that’s what I like to see. Apple is still saying, “Hey, our products are for freaks! Look at these freaks! They choose Apple!” And yes, that includes Jeff Goldblum. He’s a freak as well. And I’m not using freak in a derogatory way, but you football-lovin’ superbowl-watchin’ people just wouldn’t understand…

Peace! I’m outta here!

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