Ok, I warned you I was going to hack at FEED ON FEEDS a bit, and I did, just a little bit…

My main goal was to make it function a little bit more like Bloglines, and so far we’ve got this. (Click for full size versions.)

Bloglines feed list

(Example of Bloglines list of subscribed feeds)

Hacked FEED ON FEEDS feed list

(Example of hacked FEED ON FEEDS list of subscribed feeds)

So they’re starting to look similar, but I’ve also got some of the functionality replicated as well. For instance, in my hacked FEED ON FEEDS just loading a feed’s items marks that feed as ‘read’ – there is no manual marking needed, no checkboxes to check, or links to click. I like it this way and became accustomed to it in Bloglines, so I had to have it here.

I don’t know how much farther I’ll take things, but I might hack at little bits of it here and there if I get motivated, or you know, actually get involved in the development, though the fear of commitment to yet another project makes me not want to get into things too deep…

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