The newest pages on my personal wiki are entitled “Meal Plan” and “Grocery List” which I’m pretty sure propels me into some sort of weird Wiki Geek status where almost everything is put into a wiki.

I used to keep the shopping list on the Palm, but, I mean, it’s just not accessible from any browser anywhere on the planet! What would I do when confronted with a strange computer, nothing but a net connection, and the realization that I really need to purchase olive oil?

7 Responses to “Wiki Geek”

  1. Chad DNo Gravatar says:

    What wiki software are you using?

  2. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Man, at first I thought that link would let me add items to your shopping list.

  3. I’ve been using UseMod Wiki for years, and it still suits my needs pretty well. Besides my own personal use I’ve deployed it at work as well.

  4. David, do you need me to pick something up for you? It might be a few months before I get it to you. If you haven’t noticed I’ve missed the last few Tea events…

  5. Wikis are for sure the way to manage information. I need a way I can now get that synced to my phone efficiently though.

  6. When I say phone I really mean Palm Zire 71 without an internet connection.

  7. Well, if you can use AvantGo, you can sync up web pages with your Palm. It might take some hacking to get it done “efficiently” but it should be possible. I used to render RSS feeds as simple HTML pages and sync those with my old Palm III.

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