Oh wait, I meant to say Yahoo! buys Flickr, and you know what? I think that’s ok…

Yahoo! has been doing the right things lately, I’ve mentioned the Yahoo! API and what fun that is, and how Yahoo! seems to be listening to suggestions, and heck, with someone like Jeremy having an influence on things, I think we’re doing ok.

As for the Flickrization of Yahoo! I’m all for it. I hope the Flickr folks can give Yahoo! that extra kick it needs to really be the prime example of next-gen web-think.

Is it a weird concidence that right after I toyed with the Yahoo! API, I started toying with the Flickr API?

So with all that, I present to you, my Flickr Search, using a bit of Perl and the Flickr API. Let me know what you think.

One Response to “Flickr Buys Yahoo!”

  1. I think Yahoo is already the next gen :)

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