Poor US Cellular

US Cellular, are they with the times or behind them?

Sigh, poor US Cellular. I had to stop by their store yesterday to handle a billing issue (whereby they had credited an old account, but didn’t really make that clear except by putting CR next to the amount it said I owed) and while Britt was quite helpful in the matter, when she was done she asked if she could do anything else for me. I asked if US Cellular used GSM phones at all. She said no, though it seemed as though she really felt bad about it. I said I was looking to get a Series 60 phone, possibly something like a Nokia 7610… Then is seemed like she was just bummed out that she had nothing to offer me, knowing that US Cellular only deals in CDMA phones, which I’m not interested in. As I left, Britt said something along the lines of “Ok, well, if you ever need a CDMA phone, keep us in mind.” Sure, Britt, will do…