VoIP Soon

I should have a HandyTone 486 ATA sometime in the next week…

I should have a HandyTone 486 ATA sometime in the next week, which coincides well with the fact that I have a new phone number. In fact, I’ve got two new phone numbers, one is a SIP number, and the other is a virtual number, which means if you dial it, it’ll ring my SIP number…

So I hereby join the VoIP revolution. Not the Skype revolution mind you, as I really don’t wish to get locked into a single vendor with a proprietary format. I’ve got enough of that in my computing life already, thank you. I also didn’t want to join the Vonage $XX per month with locked hardware revolution, which might be fine for most people, but I’m a freak (and cheap) so it doesn’t work for me.

I’ll report back here on how things work using the HandyTone, my existing phones, and service through SIPphone.

Oh, if you’d like my new phone number(s), get in touch.

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I joined Vonage a few months ago and with only 3 referrals I have 6 months of free service. Also, the unlimited calls for $24.95/mo is an amazing price when you compare it to Verizon (my local landline carrier) who stupidly continues to charge per-minute for long distance calls.

That’s good to hear. I’ll evaluate how my service is after X number of months, and see if it fits me. I don’t think I be able to get too many referrals, and I’ll have to gauge how much time I spend each month to see if it’s a cost effective choice.

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