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I want to set up a site that can accept input from a community… Weblog or Wiki?

I have a dilemma, I want to set up a site that can accept input from a community. My choices, as I see them, are to set up a weblog (I would choose WordPress) or a wiki (most likely MediaWiki.)

My problem is that, while I think a wiki is more suited to the site I am creating, I worry that people will be afraid of contributing and editing pages. The potential users might be people who are unfamiliar with a wiki, and not quite sure how it works. Even in organizations where I’ve deployed wikis, people are often hesitant to add or modify things.

On the other hand, a weblog might be suitable because people would just have a simple comment box to fill in if they wanted to say something. Then again, saying something, or just responding to what posts the few authors might write, is a far cry from the openness of a wiki to those willing to contribute…

I’ve done plenty of WordPress installs, but while I’ve used plenty of MediaWiki sites out there, I’ve not set up my own yet. I don’t want familiarity of tools to limit me here though.

Hmmm, I’ll think about it for a bit, but any feedback on this is much appreciated…

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I just installed a MediaWiki ( today and the setup was flawless. I think that as long as the community you are targeting knows that they are free to contribute in anyway, and that there are people who will clean up any messes that are made.

I think that as long as people know that their content is appreciated, no matter how they contribute, then they feel more welcome.

My site launched today and certainly doesn’t have anything near the info I want portrayed, but again, making feel at ease is a critical thing for running a wiki.

Hey, I just installed MediaWiki today as well! ;)

I’ve started seeding info, and still have a bit of customization to do, but I think it’s the right choice for the site I’m building…

Actually, I just happen to be playing with both a WP and a MW install on my laptop tonight. I’ve been thinking of running the two in tandem to support my Hacking RSS and Atom book when it hits the shelves later this month.

One key plugin that seems to make it work:

All I wanted was something that would link CamelCase words in WP to MediaWiki, which it seems to do just fine.

Also, the fact that I got the whole rig up and running in about 8 minutes was pretty nice :)

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