Ok, Google Talk is new. Thanks goodness they went with XMPP (aka Jabber)! Windows only client? Lame… Other clients? Good… Fire not supporting more than one account per service? Lame… (I really should try some other clients…)

Oh, phil wilson points out a current shortcoming in that Google does not connect to the wider Jabber network. Google, please fix this ASAP! (Supposedly they are working on it.)

What other talk is going on? I finally got around to installing Gizmo Project, and it’s very nice. It hope it kills that proprietary fubar known as Skype. Die Skype, die! We want open protocols and standards. One Gizmo gotcha: I was able to use my existing SIPphone accoung with Gizmo, but I only found this out by guessing. Gizmo folks, you really should make this more apparent. I guess the Gizmo application replaces the Xten SIP client.

Oh, my Jabber user id has been on the contact page for a long time now, but if you want to try to message me while I test Google Talk, try raster plus the rest of a gmail address…

Enough talking, I’ll shut up now…

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