Testing out Adium, so far, so good…

Ok, since I had to talk about IM clients, Bill had to mention Adium to me, as others have, and I figured it was time to take a look.

So far I’m really liking Adium. There are a few things I think Fire does better, but I’m willing to give Adium a try, especially since I can use more than one account per service, which was my biggest complaint with Fire.

(Oh, they’re both GPL‘d as well, which is a big plus.)

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I’ve been enjoying AdiumX for some time now. The only time I use iChat is when I need to receive or send a file – Adium’s file sharing is somewhat broken since it uses the libgaim library for that connectivity. i.e., don’t complain to the Adium folks if file sharing doesn’t work properly, complain to the Gaim folks.

Fire was always a bit too clunky for me.

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