Corpse Bride at Rosebud

We saw Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride at the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse…

We saw Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride at the Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse this weekend. It was very cool. Still hard to believe it was all stop-motion. Well done, Mr. Burton.

As for the theater, that too was quite good. Heck, it was excellent! The Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse is not some huge multiplex with 500 teens and 50 movies showing, it’s an old fashioned theater that shows one movie, and provides couches, tables, chairs, food & drink (including pizza, beer, and other beverages) and a real nice atmosphere. This is the place you want to see movies.

Since it’s a small theater, the wait in line was pretty much non-existant, and since there is only one movie showing, if you happen to have to go to the restrooms, you’ll still hear the movie, as the sound is piped in there as well. Nice! Oh, take a look at their FAQ for some amusing answers and email addresses.

I guess they show football games on the big screen for free during the season, which is a cool idea, and I’m sure the make out great on food & beer sales. Hmmm, maybe they should start showing videoblogs… ;)

Oh, I should also mention Bombay Sweets a little Indian restaurant on 13th Street on Milwaukee’s South Side (right across the street from Lincoln Music.) As for this place, the atmosphere is decidedly lacking, but the food is amazing, and incredibly cheap as well.

Ok, that sums up my weekend…