NSLU2 (Server?)

NSLU2-Linux looks like a fun little project…

NSLU2-Linux looks like a fun little project. The Linksys NSLU2 is a “Network Storage Link” which means you typically attach it to your network, add an external USB hard drive, and it’s a file/backup server for the computers on your home network.

Pick one up at Amazon for about $80, and while you’re there grab an 80 GB drive for under $100 and you can build a nice little (and quiet) server running Linux, and once you’re running Linux, well, you open up a whole new world of possibilities…

Some links:

Need more info? It’s all over the place, just search for NSLU2 linux.

(I have a whole nother post on the trends I’ve noticed in small, cheap, hackable devices. So stay tuned…)

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I can certainly vouch for the NSLU2 being a nifty device. I’ve also got a WRT54G wireless router, and I’ve installed an open source firmware distro on both.

Although I’ve scaled back, for awhile there last year when I first started playing with the NSLU2 I had it working as a mail server, IRC proxy, web proxy, and a slew of other things I used to do with a noisy ancient PC. Funny thing is, the NSLU2 runs faster than that old PC anyway.

Mainly now, I use the NSLU2 for file serving type activities, but that includes things like a DAAP server for itunes, video streamed to my modded Xbox, file server for our laptops.

And I haven’t even started to look at the hardware hacks people have done with both the NSLU2 and WRT54G

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