I’m very tempted to go to Madison on Saturday to shoot zombies

With my video camera, that is…

(See: Zombie flash mob to descend on Madison for more info…)

The big question is, should I dress up as a robot, a pirate, or a ninja?

3 Responses to “Shooting Zombies”

  1. Flying ninjas and robots with a pirate ship with lens flare and motion blur!

  2. I could stop by Robot Pirate Island and see if there are any Ninjas hanging around looking to fight the Zombie horde…

  3. jubilationNo Gravatar says:

    I would suggest a Robot Ninja who, after some serious soul searching, turned Pirate. Or perhaps one of those Robot Pirates raised by Ninjas. Either way, it’s all good. I would stay away from Robot Poets though, unless it’s one that specializes in Ninja Haiku. Stick with Robots at any rate, Robots are cool.

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