Mozilla Sunbird is still pretty alpha, but 0.2a has been solid for me for a really long time. I did manage to break WebDAV on my server for a week and kept wondering what went wrong with Sunbird, but in the end I figured it out, fixed it, and made a note not to break my WebDAV server again…)

Anyway, the Sunbird 0.3 alpha1 Release Notes tell all about the latest version, which I’ll be installing shortly…

4 Responses to “Sunbird 0.3a alpha1”

  1. ToddNo Gravatar says:

    Why doesn’t Sunbird support iCal like Moz Cal does?

  2. I think it should support iCal… Take a look at this Calendar vs. Sunbird bit for any differences between the two.

  3. Phil WilsonNo Gravatar says:

    OK, I have to confess to not using Sunbird since 0.1, but it supported iCalendar files back then, so I don’t see why it would have stopped now.

  4. I thought I hit upon a Sunbird bug recently, but it looks like it’s an Upcoming.org bug…

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