Yeah, ok, Rocketboom is nice and all, sort of funny in a geeky way, but really, for a true alpha-geek you need more, you need Geek Entertaintment TV.

I know, people go on and on about Amanda this and Amanda that, but she can’t compete with Irina Slutsky.

Geek Entertainment TV

The Macworld Expo 2006 Wrap Up is especially hilarious. ("S. Kelly" indeed!)

I have seen the future of videoblogging/videopodcasting/vlogging… whatever you call it! It’s Geek Entertaintment TV…

7 Responses to “Geek Entertaintment TV”

  1. Eddie CodelNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the pimpin’ review. We love doing it. Irina does rock the mic like no other. Maybe there is a future to this thing after all…

  2. I hope that’s a stage name. Must’a been hard growing up with a name like Slutsky.

    She is blonde though. My favorite color. Mmm.

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s her real name, she is of Russian decent.

  4. pete, thank you for your kind words.yes, it’s my real name. please, wear it out.

  5. Wow, Pete — you’ve got real celebrities commenting on your blog, you lucky dog!

    Irina, was that really a nod to Paul Reubens? Nice! I’ll have to check GETV out … because you’re blonde and I’m supposing you have a really sexy accent going on.

  6. Just so it’s clear, I like GETV because of the content, which is geeky and funny at the same time, thanks to Eddie and Irina. Hair color and accents are just fringe benefits. :)

  7. thanks dossy! if i ever get to interview you (rock on, jersey!) i’m going to ask you to say the “i’m short (5’2″) fat (195 lbs)…” description of yourself. i LOVE that. if i were not so vain, i’d do the same thing!

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