Lightning Day #1

It’s Day #1 with Mozilla Lightning, and so far, so good!

I’ve stopped using Sunbird on one of my computers and am now using Lightning with Thunderbird. The big news is, alarms work! They never did in Sunbird, and a crazy Perl hack with cron job was all that did alarms and alerts for me previously…

Don’t get me wrong, Lightning needs work, but I’m hoping it gets the attention it needs and keep getting better. I’d start with adding in all the features Sunbird has that Lightning doesn’t.

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3 replies on “Lightning Day #1”

iCal syncing works, sort of. I keep my calendar file on my WebDAV server and subscribe to it, which works fine with Sunbird and Lightning. With iCal, I can subscribe, but cannot edit or add anything to the calendar. I’ve been told this is a limitation of iCal, that it can’t edit remote calendars, they are read-only. I’d like Apple to fix that.

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