When potential customers come to your web site, there is a chance they are doing so for information. I know, you think that people just want to be entertained, but occasionally, we want something from you, like a phone number or address. Make it easy on your potential customers, and don’t put your phone number or address in an image, or in a Flash movie, put it in text. Text can be easily copied from your website and pasted into an email, or address book, or calendar.

People appreciate being able to copy and paste text. They do not appreciate having to retype it. You will get the added bonus of having search engines index the text as well, which can help bring more of those potential customers to your web site.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say put it on all the pages of your site. Put it down at the bottom, in the footer. Trust me, people will appreciate this. I know I do…

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