Daryl Hannah’s Videoblog

Darryl Hannah has a videoblog. Sort of…

Daryl Hannah has a videoblog. Sort of… See

There aren’t really comments, or permalinks, or descriptions, or much metadata, and the feed is currently invalid. (The length attribute should be the file size of the video, not the length of playing time, confusing, I know…)

Still, I’m a big fan of Daryl (more for her green & organic living than for her movies) so I’ll cut her some slack for all the little issues, and it does say “full site this summer” so, maybe things will change.

I had been hoping that under the hood would be Movable Type, or better yet, WordPress, which would probably make some of the issues I mentioned go away, but no such luck.

So besides seeing valid XHTML served up as utf-8 rather than iso-8859-1, and proper archives, comments, and all the other little things, the content itself is great. Daryl, if you need help with your site, let me know… (P.S. Feel free to use

(Update: The feed should be valid now. Thanks Daryl!)

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