Ok folks, if you are interested in BarCampMilwaukee, check out the wiki page: BarCampMilwaukee

I’m hoping barcampmilwaukee.com shows up soon (and I’d be happy to host it) but for now, let’s get moving using the BarCamp resources we have available. Who’s with me? Justin? Jordan? Jeremy?

3 Responses to “BarCampMilwaukee Part III”

  1. Bob WaldronNo Gravatar says:

    Pete — If you’re not already aware of it, I wanted to make sure you know about the Fireseed meeting this afternoon (Sunday, 23 July) at 2:45 pm (I think). I can’t make it down from Appleton due to a prior commitment for this afternoon. Contact Justin Kruger to verify when and where. — Bob Waldron

  2. Bob WaldronNo Gravatar says:

    Pete — you mentioned BarCampEarth. We should see if we can connect with someone in Madison that has Internet2 access who’d want to be involved in that, unless you know someone at UWMilwaukee who has Internet2 access (I don’t know if anyone other than Madison has that in the state yet). It sounds like they’re going to try and host BCE from an Internet2 site. — Bob Waldron

  3. Bob, thanks for the info, I’m waiting to hear back on today’s plans and if I can make it to Fireseed. About BarCampEarth, I’m not available that weekend, so I’m hoping BarCampMilwaukee can be another weekend…

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