BarCampMilwaukee Part VIII

We are up to 50 campers signed-up on the wiki page, and 4 sponsors…

And then there were 50… We are up to 50 campers signed-up on the wiki page, and we’ve got 4 sponsors so far: C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions, MailLaunderer, Digital Bootcamp, and CA.

Activity has really picked up since the newspaper article hit, and we’ve got just three weeks left to finalize all plans and make BarCampMilwaukee a reality.

BarCampMilwaukee The Yahoo! Group has been key in planning all of this, and I’m sure many of the members look forward to finally meeting face to face at BarCamp. One of the more interesting things to come out of it, is that Saturday’s lunch will be a potluck meal, with people supplying the food. We felt this would help enhance the community aspect of the whole thing, and allow for socializing early on. It should also help keep costs down, so sponsorship isn’t as much of a concern.

We’ve come a long way since my original BarCampMilwaukee post which helped get the whole thing started. I thought for sure we’d get some folks from the Ruby and Java communites interested, but so far there has been almost no interest from them. Luckily, the Drupal community will be there, and even Jeremie Miller (of Jabber/XMPP fame) will be coming… all the way from Iowa!

So if you haven’t yet signed-up, go to and do it today. (Or just keep reading this blog, where you’ll see about 100 more posts on the subject…)

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