Udell to Microsoft?

Yeah, I guess Jon Udell is going to Microsoft.

Yeah, I guess Jon Udell is going to Microsoft.

I’ve always respected the work Jon has done, he’s an insightful guy with a lot of interesting ideas. Microsoft on the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of.

I wish Jon the best in the future, and hope he gets to the do work he wants to do… but I still think it’s weird. I mean, I guess it’s a “whole new” Microsoft, but the names Ward Cunningham and Niall Kennedy come to mind. Two people who, upon hearing they were going to Microsoft, my response was “Huh? Are you sure?” (They both left Microsoft.) Jon just doesn’t seem like a Microsoft guy. Of course, Ray Ozzie is there… who knows?

My pespective on Microsoft is this: As person who uses Mac OS X on the desktop, and Linux on the server, and believes in the power of the web, what has Microsoft ever done for me? I mean, I can’t think of any technology I use that came directly from Microsoft that I somehow would be worse off for it if never existed. The only real thing Microsoft does for me, from my perspective, is create competition for Apple, which is (sometimes) a good thing.

I’m not saying Microsoft is useless, I just have no use for them. Plenty of people do, and that’s fine, even if it was monopolistic actions that got them where they are now.

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Microsoft brought us XML-RPC web services (with Dave Winer) and left the browser market for several years, a vacuum that was filled by Mozilla Firefox.

Other than that, I’m not sure what you might like them for, though I believe everyone should thank them for Bob.

What did Microsoft bring you? Well, let’s see…how about 90% of the traffic on the internet? How about a large chunk of your customers? Do you think computing would be as widespread without MS as it is now? I think not. So while you claim MS hasn’t done anything for you DIRECTLY, it is INDIRECTLY responsible for your livelihood.

Try not to be so shortsighted next time.


rich, I had been using computers for nearly 15 years before I ever used a Microsoft operating system. When Microsoft first approached the internet, their hope was to destroy it, or at least control it Failing that, they figured out how to play a part in it. Your argument sounds like saying to a police officer they should be happy there are criminals because it keeps them employed.

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