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A Song at Ourmedia

I’ve been bothered by the fact that Ourmedia has been fubar’d for me for quite some time…

I’ve been bothered by the fact that Ourmedia has been fubar’d for me for quite some time. I mean, I was an early user, and a good supporter, but when my account no longer allowed me to upload (due to some weird problem on their end in which they seemed to believe my credentials were incorrect) I pretty much stopped using Ourmedia. My videos (and some audio) were going to, and nowhere else.

So I did the only thing I could… created another email address, and registered it at Ourmedia, The Internet Archive, and SpinXpress. (Yup, now you also need to use another service/piece of software. SpinXpress is recommended to actually upload your media files. It’s a pain, but it actually worked!

That’s the long complaining version of saying, I created a song. It’s called 13 Diodes, and you can find it at 13 Diodes at Ourmedia or 13 Diodes at The Internet Archive. (Creative Commons Attribution License.)

Anyway, let me know what you think of the song. Most of the music I’ve been creating lately has been put into the videos I do, but I may start playing around with just doing songs on their own if I feel like it.

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Hi. I did not realize that you were Tinkernet. Props!

Also, I feel your pain. I’ve had trouble making these tools sing too. So I have been learning how they work over the past year or so and have jumped in to help make them better.

I remember when Ourmedia first launched back around April of 05. Here’s a video about it that I have been reviewing lately for inspiration as I work on addressing problems like the one you reported (I can fix that now, btw).

I’ve been learning Drupal (the CMS that powers Ourmedia) and am working hard with JD Lasica and others to finally take Ourmedia out of the alpha phase. We’ve been working to stabilize the system (thanks to our new servers from Outhink!) and have been busy fixing bugs and tweaking the system. We will soon (like later today soon) change our look and add many useful new features.

I hope you will come check out what we are doing and help out by continuing to let us know what’s working or not for you. Email me and I will be happy to fix and/or merge your accounts if you like. Thanks for the feedback.

P.S. We have even turned on support for cross-posting from and so now there are lot’s of ways to share your work with others at Ourmedia.

Markus, thanks for all the help. I just wish my earlier pleas using the Ourmedia forms had helped… I’ll get in touch with you about the issues I have.

yeah….having to log into 3 sites is a pain.
This situation happens when you have 3 groups trying to work together to provide a free, sustainable service.
Would it help if you could use the same username/password for all three?

Jay, I got it all working now, but previously I was using the same password all around, Ourmedia just refused to accept the fact that my login info for was correct – and believe me – it was, I tested it over and over again. Like I said, I love all the folks involved, so I am willing to do what it takes to make it work. Others might lack my tenacity though. :)

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