I Biked to Work (Last Week!)

I mentioned Bike to Work Week last week, because that is when I Biked to Work…

I mentioned Bike to Work Week last week, because that is when I Biked to Work.

Even though my youngest child did not support me (“What if you don’t make it?” she said) I did it. According to the GPS it was a 7.6 mile ride, and took about 43 minutes. My average speed was around 10 MPH. Going uphill it was around 6 and going downhill it was more like 20. In fact, 24.9 was the fastest I could go.

Trek 7200

It was fun, but not something I could do every day, or even once a week. There are so many days when I just need a car. Obviously I can’t bike to work on the days I need to pick up the kids, or have to meet someone in Brookfield or Milwaukee, or whatever. And since I sometimes work long days, I wouldn’t look forward to riding home in the dark after working 12+ hours. Of course, I’m just an excuse-maker.

But it got me thinking… What if I got a scooter? I mean, sure I wouldn’t exactly be getting the exercise, but think of the money I’d save in gas and wear and tear on the old CR-V! This line of thinking lasted about a day, and included looking for used scooters on Craig’s List, and chatting with a friend who knows more than I do. I even tried to do some rough math and figured if I got a used scooter cheap it would pay for itself in car/gas savings after 3 years of riding it to work. I’m insane like that.

I’d like to try biking to work again this year, and the crazy scooter idea is on the back-burner for now, unless you know someone who wants to trade one for some freelance web development and hosting.

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My commute is just over 14.2 km each way, and takes right around 40 minutes. I plan on the trip taking about 30 minutes by car, so it’s really rather little extra time, and it’s more fun and a whole lot better for me. And everyone else.

The thing I notice is that everything is annoying but you get used to whatever you do all the time. Drive all the time and you get used to being stuck in stupid traffic backups and having to park the damn thing. Ride the bicycle everywhere for a week and I get used to trying to figure out how to lock it to a rack designed by someone who had never seen a bicycle. Get back in the car after leaving it parked for a week and I’m just amazed at how aggravating it is.

Awwww, you can do it. After a while, you kind of resent those days you have to drive because you have errands or whatever (or rain to avoid) that keep you from biking it in…

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