Well, we attended the Citizen Blogging Summit (Mike Rohde and I were on a panel, and Jeramey came along for backup) and it was… interesting.

Citizen Blogging Summit Citizen Blogging Summit

As I mentioned in a previous post, we didn’t know what to expect, but Sean did a good job of moderating, and basically just asked us questions, and took a few questions from the (small) crowd. KeVron of Dork Factor Prime was there, but other than that, it was all people I’ve never met before. Kim and Jason of kimandjason.com came in from Madison and were on the panel with us. They seemed like nice folks.

Rohde Pushing Need Gas!

We couldn’t stay for the panel after ours, so I don’t know how it all ended, but on the way back towards downtown to drop off Jeramey, we ran out of gas. Jeramey and I managed to push the car about a 1/2 mile down North Avenue, in the 90 degree heat, to a gas station. After that it was smooth sailing… So all in all, it was a pretty exciting day. I can’t wait for the next Citizen Blogging Summit!

4 Responses to “Citizen Blogging Summit Report”

  1. AsheNo Gravatar says:

    Running out of gas is no fun at all :{

    What kind of questions did they ask?

  2. What kind of questions did they ask?

    You know, they typical stuff, “What is the square root of 42?” etc…

    Actually, there will be podcasts available (audio and/or video) soon so you can hear/see for yourself.

  3. Mike RohdeNo Gravatar says:

    It was a pretty good time Pete (except for the running out of gas thing). It seemed short, though, I think we all did a good job cleansing the palette between the arguments on political theory. Thanks for coming Pete! :-)

  4. Yeah, I think we could have easily filled an hour or more. I think Sean did a good job of asking general questions, but we could have gotten into more specifics with more time. Maybe keeping it real general and “about nothing” fits well with the idea of blogging. :)

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