On this day, ten years ago, a weblog named RasterWeb! appeared for the first time on the internet.

Today, it is one of the the longest continuing running weblogs on the Internet.

This site may have played a big role in several important trends.

  • It may have helped bootstrap the blogging world.
  • It was the one of the early sites involved in podcasting.

Ok, with apologies to Dave Winer for the above, this is the 10 year anniversary of this weblog. When I say that, I mean that this is one of the original blogs. If you go to jjg’s the page of only weblogs and look at “ye olde skool” list, those are the folks who were around at the same time, pre-2000, and blogging regularly. Follow those links today, and many are gone, some are still around but on hiatus, and many have lost their archives due to moving to different weblog systems over the years. Scripting News started in April 1997, CamWorld in June of 1997, and RasterWeb! in August of 1997. For each of those you can still get to the archives, and the first posts. I consider this somewhat important. We’re bloggers, who believe in the long-term. I’ve seen people who say they’ve been blogging since 1996, and when pushed they say how they had a journal or a Geocities site that is long gone, or they changed sites 5 times or whatever. Blogging is somewhat about the permanence, the fact that you stand behind what you say, and people can link to it, and that link is gonna be there a month or a year, or 5 years later. I worked meticulously to re-write any links when I moved from zymm.com to rasterweb.net many years back. My first thought, as a blogger, was that I didn’t want to break the links of people who linked to things I was saying. I hated when big media sites did it, so I didn’t want to.

So while Dave Winer and Cameron Barrett are pretty well known, I am definitely not “internet famous” in any way. I don’t live in California, or New York, and haven’t done anything amazing to bring attention to myself, I’ve just been blogging for 10 years. I’m probably most well known as being the guy who told Drew (of Dawn and Drew fame) that he should try podcasting. That’s just fine with me. I’ve gotten a lot out of blogging over the years. No, it didn’t help me get a job when I needed one, or make any amazing business deals, but what it has done is help connect me with many amazing people over the years, people I consider my friends. This to me is much more valuable than anything else, the connections I’ve made, and the people I’ve met. That’s what it’s all about.

Now, on a less serious note, I’ve take Cam out of the list of “continually running weblogs” since he often goes months without a post, and then may only have 1 in a month, so really, after Dave’s Scripting News, I think RasterWeb! is the second longest continually running weblog on the internet with all archives still available and all old links still working” So there. As soon as Dave quits, I will earn the title! And that’s the real reason I keep doing this. (But not really, I’m just kidding about that part.)

So that’s it. 10 years. I look forward to another 10. See ya on the internets…

11 Responses to “A Decade of RasterWeb!”

  1. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    congrat’s pete, here’s to the many decades more to come :)

  2. Mike KNo Gravatar says:

    And here’s to another decade! Best Wishes!

  3. Holy cow Pete! 10 years of blogging? Dude, that’s like a millenia in real years! Looking forward to many more years of Rastering from you!

  4. BeanNo Gravatar says:

    Am definitely impressed.
    Congratulations to you!

  5. Keith CaseyNo Gravatar says:

    That officially makes you tech ancient. The other question is how many computers have you gone through in a similar period?

    I can’t even find some of the sites that I launched back in those days… the site and sometimes the organizations are completely gone.

  6. I have not gone through too many computers, well, my main computer that is, probably only 3 (Macs last a long time) but I’ve seen a lot come through my office in those years. And yes, there are sites I worked on years ago that I would completely forget, except that I probably still have all the files.

  7. Mike RohdeNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats Pete, The Methuselah of Weboggers! :-)

  8. l.m.orchardNo Gravatar says:

    Happy blogbirthday, er, blogaversary, er whatever!

    Glad to see ya still kicking

  9. I’m not dead yet!

  10. Congratulations on the achievement, Pete. Of all the originators of blogging, you probably get the least amount of attention, and that’s a shame. I’m a big Rasterweb fan.

  11. Cam BarrettNo Gravatar says:

    I haven’t run out of things to blog about, but I have run out of desire to actually blog about them. I keep thinking I’ll start again but when it comes time to actually do it, I end up spending my time doing other stuff. Who know, maybe I’ll start up again. Maybe not. I’m really undecided about the whole thing.

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