Milwaukee area artists, musicians, writers, photographers… Are you using Creative Commons licenses for things you create? Are you interested in learning about why you might want to use a Creative Commons license?

We are looking for people who think Creative Commons is a good thing, to share their experiences and opinions (and their work!) If we can find some folks interested in this, we might hold a Creative Commons Salon in Milwaukee.

We teach our kids to share… why shouldn’t we?

7 Responses to “Creative Commons + Milwaukee?”

  1. AsheNo Gravatar says:

    I’ll be there :D

  2. Raster-

    I’m in. Everything I blog or shoot with my camera is CC.

    Here are some thoughts:



  3. Larry, in your post you seem to be comparing copyright to CC, but as I understand it, you still hold the copyright on your work when you use a CC license, you just dictate how it can be used – by default – without people having to get approval ahead of time. (So perhaps “by-nc-sa” instead of “All Rights Reserved”) Like I said, this is definitely an issues to discuss further. :)

  4. Raster-

    Good point. I really should have said it like you did or “All rights reserved versus Creative Commons license”. :-)

    I still make it a practice to ask people if it is okay if I use their CC work even though they have given pre-permission. I want to make sure that the way that I attribute them is appropriate credit.


  5. HeyGabeNo Gravatar says:

    The issue of “Proper Attribution” is another weakness in the CC schema, especially in meatspace.
    I have used CC-stuff in my newspaper, and I simply include a url to the original photo on the layout. Is that enough?
    I have used CC-stuff on my own personal stuff, and I don’t usually clutter up the design with attribution. See Here . Instead of attribution the background image in the design, I opted just to put a link back on my flickr repost. However, because of that, the invitations I sent out to people in person didn’t have attribution. That’s probably not Kosher. I could have put a linkback on the back of the postcard, I guess.

    The OP seemed to enjoy that I used it, however.

  6. Gabe, attribution is an issue, but it seems like you try to follow the “spirit” of attribution in each case. On my videoblog I wrote up some usage notes and at least one person was outraged saying you can’t dictate stuff like that, others found it useful. (You can’t please everyone!) I think it’s also important to make yourself available for clarification (I say “please contact me” numerous times) though for some people you can’t get their contact info to save your life.

    (I brought up a related issue with Magnatune long ago.)

  7. Gabe, see also how I did it for the 2006 BarCampMilwaukee Flyer.

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