Remember Google-Free Friday, and The Return of Google-Free Friday? Well, I propose Twitter-Free Friday…

That’s right, on Friday, don’t use Twitter.

Does that sound difficult? Is it anymore difficult than a Google-Free Friday would have been in the past? In fact, Twitter might make it easier for you by failing anyway, in which case it’ll be Fail Whale-Free Friday.

On Friday, I will plan to not use Twitter. I will use identi.ca though, so you can see what I’m up to over there.

It’s an experiment, and who knows where it will go. Join me if you dare.

9 Responses to “Twitter-Free Friday”

  1. What is the point of such an endeavor? To break the addiction? Or just to move to identi.ca?

  2. The point is to say we won’t stand for a proprietary system controlled by one company. To look to the future of microblogging and the promise it can hold if we follow a path of openness in it’s development. To move to a federated system with many points instead of a monolithic “fail whale” mascot distracting us from the man behind the curtain who is flipping knobs while the cities burn to the ground.

  3. How much are they (identi.ca) paying you for this?

    I hope it’s a lot.

    I will participate though.

  4. Jeramey, my only reward is satisfaction. (And the checks I get from you.)

  5. børgeNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is a good idea (thanks for pinging me about it @ identi.ca), but I’m afraid it might be a bit premature. I mean, part of the point of this Twitter-free friday must to get more people to check out Laconica/Identi.ca, right? But for that to be a success I think it would be best to wait until Laconica is a bit more feature complete. Not totally, but a bit. Have a new Twitter-free friday when 0.5 is released and I’m with you! :)

  6. andyNo Gravatar says:

    I’m also a little confused on what the real benefit of doing this is.

    This would be a great time for cloud computing though, one microblog database and you could access all of your post via whatever service you want (twitter, jaiku, pownce, etc)

  7. 4fthawaiianNo Gravatar says:

    This was already tried a while back by some people who got caught up in the wonderful newness of ANOTHER service (friendfeed). It didn’t really catch on then, and I’m guessing this won’t either.. Glad you’re enjoying the wonderful newness that is identi.ca, though ;)

  8. @4fthawaiian, one thing worth mentioning is that FriendFeed is not open source. Besides that though, with every fracture of the Twitter user base, it should illustrate the need for an open and distributed microblogging system where you can *choose* which service you use, and can still interact with others.

  9. Poet HortonNo Gravatar says:

    Okay now, I have to tell ya that I remained totally Twitter free, just with you in mind, even though I remain clueless, as some of your other commenter’s apparently are also as to what was the benefit of this.
    If nothing else, you can be glad to know that you were in so many different peoples thoughts on that Friday, maybe next year we should just celebrate that day by thinking thoughts of you. Just a thought that needed sharing.
    Shiny Up,
    Poet Horton

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