It’s been a busy summer… it’s already the end of July, what up? Well, we moved… We’re no longer in Oconomowoc, but now find ourselves in Delafield. It’s only been two weeks, but we’re much happier with our living/work situation here.

Oh yes it’s been busy… I’ve not got to do many of the things I’ve wanted to do lately, as work is taking priority, nothing new there… but honestly, we’re pretty happy to be busy right now. With the economy the way it is, and unemployment at its current level, we’ll take being overworked to being underemployed.

Also… I got a new monitor.

New Display

I’ve also got a speedlight now… replacing the one that died at PhotoCamp, though I will be missing the July 2009 Strobist Meetup.

I’ve said nothing valuable in this post, so I will end it here. I hope you’re having a good summer… Your Pal, Pete.

3 Responses to “A Motionary Tale”

  1. Would you recommend the monitor? I’m possibly looking at 23″ or 24″ monitors and curious what you think. Not my favorite industrial design, but what matters is the screen I guess.

  2. Yes, I really like the Samsung displays, we have a lot of them at work. I’ve also bought Acer recently when a super-cheap display was needed, but not for graphics work. Also, the Samsung are all VGA and DVI which is nice depending on what you connect it to. A friend of mine has a 24″ Samsung he wants to sell if you want to make an offer…

  3. Do you know what model so I can do a little research? Why is he selling?

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