Ready for Pushing

Ready for Pushing

So I’ve been working on this button, and one of my “in progress” photos got a mention on Make, and that was cool, but I wasn’t quite done. :)

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The button was just part of this larger project to build a photo booth, which is mostly done, as you can see by the photo below.

So basically, this button is ready for pushing. I’ve got a number of events I’ll be at in the few weeks, and this thing will accompany me to some of them. Oh, it can also automagically upload the photos to various web sites on the Internets…

Ready for Pushing

I ended up building a stand for it which places it at the correct height for the typical human being, and thanks to the button, the whole thing can be operated by a single press. No keyboard, no mouse, no muss, no fuss.

The first test is tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes!

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Hi there – I found your site from the sparks booth site. Did you ever create these buttons for sale?

Thank so much – and Happy New Year!

Eli, I did assemble and sell one, but without doing volume (and working for almost free) I really can’t sell them for less than $75. (That said, if you want one at that price, let me know. :)


Did this button work well? I am building a photobooth but new at it and don’t know what button I would need to make it simple for the subjects taking the picture. It looks like this is what I am looking for?

Does it work to inititate the program and a camera and flash?

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