Friday Night Drawbot

You may be familiar with our Friday Night Drawbot from back when it was at Version 1. Well, we’re now at Version 3, and there’s been much improvement. With Version 2 we made the body a bit shorter to get a tighter turn radius, and we’ve continued that trend with the latest revision.

Friday Night Drawbot

We’ve also switched to AA rechargeable batteries, so no more disposable 9 volts. This means that we can use our eneloops and since we’ve got a dozen of them, we can run all day and switch them out as needed.

Friday Night Drawbot

We’re also using a Diavolino from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories now, which means we can use a shield, which means we’ve cleaned things up a bit as far as the wiring. The “brains” are also detachable from the rest of the body now. Speaking of the body, we’ve rebuilt that as well, and used hot glue and velcro in place of duct tape and rubber bands, so things are a lot more secure. (Don’t worry, there’s still gaff tape and rubber bands, but it’s much cleaner now.)

Friday Night Drawbot

Keep an eye out for the Friday Night Drawbot at the next event that somehow manages to blend art and technology…. or something like that.

(Oh, I’ll also be adding a bunch more info on the Friday Night Drawbot project page.)

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