Sleep Report for May 2021

CPAP usage via OSCAR to track my hours not dying, er, sleeping…

Since my last sleep report we got a new bed! It had been a long time, and the old mattress was probably getting worn out, so yeah, that’s the big change this time around. My insomnia hasn’t been completely cured, but May was a good month! There were only two nights that came in under 6 hours of CPAP usage. I’ll say “CPAP Usage” instead of sleep because I’ve made a concerted effort to not leave the bed when I wake, but instead lie there with my mask on trying to fall asleep again. It’s something I’ve been working on, and it’s gotten better.

Part of this improvement is due to the new bed. Our old bed was a queen mattress, and this one is a split king, which means when I move around my wife does not really feel movement on the bed. Couple that with a larger bed so we can sleep a bit further apart and I think that’s helped quite a bit. We thought about separate beds, but ultimately decided to try this first, and it’s been pretty good, at least for me. (She is not sleeping as well as she did.) Oh, the new mattresses are memory foam, by the way.

I think I’ve also been under less stress lately (though to be honest, the last half of May was extremely stressful in some ways, but I still managed to sleep pretty good.) I still wake up tired and it takes me time to get moving in the morning, but I am old, and getting older (weird, right?) so there is that.

I may try to do these reports monthly to see how it goes. I still somewhat hate my CPAP machine. It’s got a humidifier, but it works for shit, and I get dried out a lot. Even now, when it’s not winter and shouldn’t be too dry in the house. Frustrating, for sure, but at least I haven’t died in my sleep yet! (Fingers crossed.)