Dead PC… again, More photos, Zim

Dead PC… again, More photos, Zim

Well, when I came into the office today it seems my Windows box had died again. It last died in May 2001, so next time someone tells you that Windows PC’s are cheaper than Macs, remind them how reliable they are. Oh, in related news, the Apple Workgroup Server 80 (which is more than 7 years old) is doing fine running Mac OS 8.1 now, and Moto is now the kids’ game machine at home.

Mark hits home run today in advising people to not open new browser windows, but should have gone a step further, noting how this functionality is built into almost every modern day browser… (I’ve mentioned this before – how many times?)

I had forgotten what an incredible show Invader Zim was, I remember hearing a while back that it had been cancelled, but was quite happy to see on Friday night. (I’m still not sure if it’s officially cancelled or returning…) Gir seems to have some good stuff… If you need some sound files look here… If you just want to search Google for Invader Zim, that’s a good idea too…

We took the girls to see Lilo and Stitch Saturday. I was all set to not like it, since it’s a Disney film, and I don’t like Disney for various reasons… Anyway, it was pretty cool, I mean, if you’re a kid and all… It’s got aliens in it, so that helped quite a bit. Still, it’s no Pixar masterpiece… (No link? Like I said, I don’t care for Disney…)

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