Web standards and browsers, MacKiosk

Web standards and browsers, MacKiosk…

In A few valid points, they ask if developers really do develop for Windows/IE only. I can say that yes, they do. The lazy developers, and the ones that just don’t care about the web. I’ve worked with a company where the head cheese said that they should develop everything for Windows/IE since that is what most people used. I pointed out that he was doing work for a publishing company with many Macs, and many users who did not use IE. He didn’t get it. One of his employess wrote code, tested it on Windows/IE and declared it good to go. I then would test it under Netscape, Mozilla, etc. on the Mac, and on Windows, and find the problems. Argh… It’s lazy people who don’t care about the web who are ruining it for the rest of us…

Oh, as for me, I use Mozilla 98% of the time nowadays. I happen to like it very much. I like it better than IE without a doubt. One of the IS guys at work was amazed at the control Mozilla gave him when he first started using it. I’m sure most other IE users would feel the same.

I’ve been working on my MacKiosk thing. It’s an Apple Workgroup Server 80 that will be used for slide shows of digital photos, and possibly as a CD player (sorry, no MP3’s on this box) as well. I think I’ve got the software figured out, and I might build some sort of case for it. I hope to have it ready to go in the next two weeks. More details to come… Want more? try Finding New Uses For Old Macs, or if you have a business, there’s other uses