Linux stuff

Red Hat 8.0, UnitedLinux, Yellow Dog Linux

Here’s a preview of Red Hat 8.0. Which I’m hoping is much improved over Red Hat 7.x, which I had a few issues with… Also of interest is news about United Linux. As I understand the UnitedLinux idea, it’s to standardize on the way different vendors do things, so that you can actually try to use Linux rather than spend all of your time figuring out what makes Distro X different from Distro Y, by creating one ‘united’ distro… At least that’s what I get out of it so far… Here’s the UnitedLinux FAQ for more info…

I didn’t get to try an install of Yellow Dog Linux on the old PowerBase 180 because I can’t find an ADB keyboard at home… I know there’s one in the basement somewhere, but the bees are preventing me from locating it. Damn bees… Oh, looks like I might end up installing Yellow Dog on an 8500 as well… (I should say attempt to install…)

Wow, lots of Linux stuff today. I should take this opportunity to say: Mac OS X r00lz…