Demo Days

We did two demos with two different vendors recently…

We did two demos with two different vendors recently. Actually the first one did a presentation using static pages, but didn’t mention it was using static pages until someone asked about what they were seeing. I first determined they were using static pages by the fact that they were using a PowerBook, but the app depends on IIS and MS SQL Server, and I didn’t see a Windows box in the room. I confirmed it was static pages when I saw the url in the location bar of the browser. I was kind of hoping we could get through the whole demo so I could ask at the end when we could see the real demo. The second demo was one of those affairs where they give you a url, you go there, and then the page tells you that you’ll need Internet Explorer. The developers tell you it really will work with other browsers/platforms when completed. This usually signals a big red flashing alarm in my head. I ended up viewing the demo using Mozilla and the uabar and had no real problems. So, were the developers too lazy, or perhaps too incompetent, to actually test their app in some other browser? Are they looking to lower their support needs by only supporting the ‘officially’ approved browser? What’s the deal?