Positive Energy Needed

It’s not often we ask for help here. But this time we need help…

It’s not often we ask for help here.

But this time we need help.

As you know, we’ve had some recent van problems, and as it’s well known, we don’t exactly have the funds to replace our current van with anything else besides a bicycle, and fitting two adults and two children on one bicycle proves rather difficult.

So, am I asking for donations? No such thing! What I am asking for is this… Positive Energy!

See, yesterday in the mail I received a card from the local car dealership, I think they got my address from the time I brought the car in to be fixed and they charged me a lot of money, anyway, they are giving away a van. It’s a van valued at $30,000 USD, which is about $25,000 USD more than what we paid for our current van. Obviously this is a sign, these cards don’t just show up in your mailbox for no reason.

So here’s the plan, I would like to win this van, and give it to the female. This would make her very happy. All you have to do is send the Positive Energy! my way today. Especially this evening when I go to the dealership and see if I’ve got the winning numbers.

I’m asking all readers of this site to do this. (Both of you.)

Again, it’s not often that we ask much from you, but this is the big one…

(P.S. If you’re into that praying thing, feel free to do that as well.)

Remember: Positive Energy!