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Did you know that An item must not include both foo and bar?

Did you know that An item must not include both foo and bar?

That means <pubDate> and <dc:date> can’t be used together. Which really seems to mean that you can use namespaces to extend RSS 2.0, but there might be conflicts, and to resolve the conflicts you can either remove the namespace’d element or remove the core element. Now, my understanding as of the last few days was that we should always present the core elements, and if needed, add in namespace’d elements.

I tried that, and it didn’t work.

Honestly I’m not sure why it doesn’t work. Is my understanding wrong? Is the validator wrong? Who knows?

Anyway we continue to attempt to learn more about all this, and we happily present feeds in 0.91, 1.0. and 2.0 formats. The 0.91 is almost as old as the Netscape Network thingy, and the 2.0 appeared last year (following Mark’s lead) and the 1.0 came about a few months back when pudge went all nutzo over people/places that provide a feed that is not a 1.0 feed. (Morbus created a simple 2.0 -> 1.0 conversion script for that, this is all XML right, and it should be trivial to convert between formats right?)

In summary: All is well in the RSS world…