What the RDF?

Is RDF too hard? triples? serialization? schema?

Is RDF too hard? Read the following:

The principal suspect is surely RDF which is perceived to be somehow “difficult”.

Ok, now read the next sentence:

Although built on a simple triples data model there is no fixed XML serialization since abbreviate XML syntaxes are supported, and it is thus not easy to capture this neatly in an XML schema language.

Huh? triples? serialization? schema?

Ok, now let’s assume someone that is a well versed HTML author, who has even managed to create an RSS 0.91 feed, reads this. How much of it will they understand before eyes start to glaze over?

Ok, to be fair, as a simple news syndication format, RSS 0.91 or RSS 2.0 works. As an extensible and more advanced syndication format, RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 are probably better choices. And what of (n)Echo/Atom? It’s early still, but I think it’ll definitely gain popularity, mainly due to the people and groups involved.

Anyway, it’s all just XML right? Transforming it should be no problemo! (Or at least that’s what they tell me…)