PortWeb Fooey!

Damn you Extensis…

Damn you Extensis…

Your PortWeb application produces invalid HTML.

Now look, it’s bad enough the application is crippled and limited in how it operates, and requires hackish workarounds to get what you want, but when someone comes along who just wants to create a simple web front-end to their Portfolio database, and thinks PortWeb will do the trick and wants to do so with valid HTML, well, they are out of luck. Stuck with another case of “it validates, except where some stupid application inserts invalid code” syndrome.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s not ever disastrous, it just annoying. It’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a templating system that was perhaps just a little bit smarter, or more flexible.

I’m sure Extensis isn’t the only guilty party when it comes to producing crappy code you can’t fix, they’re just the most recent I’ve had to deal with. (Check back next week though…)