The Bug Express

So Microsoft is killing off Outlook Express…

So Microsoft is killing off Outlook Express. (via Honestly, does this surprise anyone? (I mean anyone not familiar with Microsoft’s history and tactics.)

I’ve known a few people who have used Outlook Express under Mac OS 9. The first one switched from Eudora, and thought Outlook Express was really cool. It seemed to have all these cool features, and looked real nice. I told him that I preferred Eudora, if only because it stored email in text (mbox) files. Soon after his switch to Outlook Express, things went south. His mail got corrupted in some way, and he couldn’t access it anymore. Oddly enough I just helped someone else troubleshoot some problems with Outlook Express being able to send but not recieve mail. I suggested he try another mail application. He eventually reinstalled Outlook Express and that seemed to fix things, but for how long?

As far as mail clients I’d recommend? Well, under Mac OS X I’d say will work quite well for most people, it’s got it’s issues, but it does an excellent job of filtering spam. I also use Thunderbird, though only for IMAP access. Still, it works quite well, and I’d recommend it to people using Outlook Express. Especially since there’s much less chance of Thunderbird development stopping. That seems to be the problem with Microsoft lately, they only thing you can rely on them to keep producing is bugs…