Attack of the Harleys!

Sure the Harley’s came to town.

Sure, the Harleys came to town, as you may have heard. And yes, we saw many of these Harley Davidson motorbikes and the people who ride upon them. They invaded the state. It didn’t bother me too much really, we even watched the parade that started in Bullfrog Junction and ended near our house. And while the Elton thing was amusing, what we saw on Sunday might have been the highlight. We saw two guys riding together on a Harley. I know what you’re thinking, but the guy on the back was definitely not gay. I know this for sure. How do I know this? Because on the back of his t-shirt he taped a sign that said “I’m not gay. I got hit by a car.” And sure enough, he seemed to have some sort of bandages on his arms, and one arm seemed twisted as he held onto the back fender, though this might have just been so he didn’t have to put his arm around his “buddy” as is common when two people ride a motorcycle together. So as we’re driving and discussing this non-gay fellow, we notice the odd haircut he has, sort of shaved in a weird fashion, and then we notice the big scar on his head. Presumably from the accident where the car hit him, and probably totalled his own Harley. Proof he was not-gay. So the next time you see someone you think might be gay, check to see if there is a scar on their head, or ask them if they got hit by a car…