Visiting the Land of Mary

I was in Maryland most of the week… here’s what I got from it…

I was in Maryland most of the week… here’s what I got from it…

I flew out to Maryland. This was my first time flying since that whole September 11th thing, so I never got to deal with the security stuff before. This is what I learned. Metal is bad. Don’t carry metal. I had to remove my shoes, just to be safe. Next time I’m wearing the All Stars. Since the security guy told me I have a “military style” belt, I’m better off taking that off too. (In case you’re wondering, I got my “military style” belt at the GAP.) All in all the flight went well, and while people told me I’d get a fresh baked cookie, I actually got a “snack” that seemed to consist mainly of hydrogenated oils with some almonds, raisins, and cereal bits mixed in. I deposited it into a trashcan later on.

My destination was College Park, fittingly, it’s a college town, though the part I saw didn’t seem to be. I did manage to walk to MOM’s (My Organic Market) to load up on food that wasn’t full of hydrogenated oils, so that was good. Crossing Route 1 is not a simple task though, College Park is not a walking-friendly place. Even worse was when I tried to walk to IKEA. My rationale was this, I can see IKEA from the hotel, I can certainly walk there. I should have paid attention to my previous lesson, College Park is not a walking-friendly place. Still, I’m an adventurer, I’m an explorer, onward! 15 seconds into my walk, it started to rain. 30 seconds into my walk I was soaked, still I pressed on. I managed to cross on street, and ended up near Home Depot. Well, it was Home Depot, but there were two other gigantic stores attached to it. I had to walk around all three of them. I then found myself trapped behind Home Depot, and faced a very long walk to get around a fence. I choose the alternative, going over the fence… and into the thorny bushes. I was wearning shorts. I was also still soaking wet. Finally I made it to IKEA. I managed to get lost in IKEA, but eventually found the way out. And after all that, I still managed to convince myself that walking to MOM’s again would be a good idea. (Clif Bars were on sale!) I should have called Mr. Genehack and asked for a ride, but I’m stupid. What have we learned? It ain’t easy being organic.

I also went to Tea at Franklin’s as the guest of CarlaZone’s proprietor. There is no tea at Tea. There are interesting people at Tea. There’s a guy who works for… well, I can’t tell you. What does he do? He can’t tell us. Crazy stuff… If you’re intested in Tea, you can read more about Tea. I drank too much soda at Tea and it made my poor non-soda stomach hurt too much the next day. As we’ve already learned… It ain’t easy being organic.

The flight back was not very exciting, except that I swear that I saw a man on the wing of the plane!!!