Go Organic, Go!

If you consume milk, this should frighten you…

If you consume milk, this should frighten you, Sour Grapes Over Milk Labeling touches on what is done to many dairy cows. Even the ones who are not given shots of some mad-scientist created hormones are routinely injected with drugs, and fed a diet of crap. Cows that produce organic milk are fed only organic food, and graze on land that has not been treated with chemicals. If given the choice, would you drink the milk, or eat the meat from a cow that was raised on chemically laden food, and is routinely shot full of drugs, or would you prefer the goods from a cow that was treated well, and raised free of such abuse?

Personally, we get only organic milk, often right from the farm. The farm thing isn’t an option for everyone, but you can find organic milk in a number of stores. (Someday, when you own a share of a cow, getting good milk will be easier.)

Farmer Bunting is hopeful though:

Meanwhile, Bunting believes the way to remain a dairy farmer and keep his sanity as well as the family farm is to sell milk products like yogurt and curd directly to customers rather than through stores. He will soon apply for a license from the state to do so.

“The price of milk is so ridiculously low you simply can’t wholesale your milk,” he said.

If Farmer Bunting were an organic farmer, I’d wish him luck. I know some states make getting a license difficult for the organic farmers because they want the milk to go through the government machine known as ‘processing’ so they can see some of the profits…

(Note: There’s a chance that I’m not 100% correct on all of this. Usually I am, but I thought I should add a disclaimer this time…)