Microsoft and the Users

What Microsoft says… What Microsoft means…

What Microsoft says:

We haven’t talked to a single user who’s said they’re using [open source] because it’s better.

What Microsoft means:

We’ve never talked to a user who does not worship Microsoft.

I’m sure if I ask around I can find people who use open-source because it’s better. Apache? Perl? MySQL? Mozilla? jEdit? I use these things because they are better than what Microsoft has. Now, “better” is surely a relative term, and Microsoft seems to think that:

…it is more a case of sheer frustration with licensing and Microsoft’s poor relationship with its customers over the last few years – or simply the perceived cost benefits of open source – driving users to migrate.

Well, one part of “better” is that I don’t have to deal with Microsoft’s poor relationship with customers, or
frustration with licensing. That’s all a part of the “better” you get with open-source. I do tend to think that the applications I use are often better than Microsoft’s offerings, but besides all that, I do think that Microsoft makes some good software, and if it fits into your needs (close-source, Windows platform, etc.) then by all means use it.

Just don’t complain to me the next time some virus or spyware decides to ch0wn you…